5 ways to setup your bedside table

Sleep easy with less clutter on your bedside table. These simple yet stylish setups will help you organise it in minutes

Your bedroom is the truest reflection of your personal style. It’s the most private space in the house and tailor made to suit your needs. Our ideal bedroom has a king-sized bed, a wardrobe that holds all our things, dreamy lights and a bedside table to keep all the important things at hand – alarm clock, lamp, a book or two and maybe a small plant. There are several ways in which these can be styled on the tiny, night stand that is your bedside table:

1.    Keep it minimal
If you have a small side table, keep it as simple as possible. Just keep the essentials such as books and fresh flowers or an alarm clock.

2.    Mix and match
Instead of packing up everything on one table, you can opt for two of different styles. This allows you to spread your things out over two surfaces while making a décor statement. Play with objects of different heights and scales to create an interesting visual.

3.    Bring in art
Amp up your bedside table aesthetic with a mini gallery-wall just above it. This will allow you to wake up to your favourite artworks / art prints / graphics while also adding some colour to your bedroom.

4.    Focus on lighting
If you’re an avid reader and love thumbing through a few pages before sleeping, an oversized bedside table lamp is all you need. The best part is you can opt for brass ones, pastel coloured or even an exposed light bulb suspended over the table.

5.    Try something new
If floor space is an issue for you, skip the table entirely. Mimic a bedside table by suspending a small shelf from leather straps or affix a floating shelf next to the bed. This will give you the space to store your things without occupying extra room. 


Written By: Tasneem Merchant


Styled/Produced By: Shreya Bhimani


Assisted by: Madhurjya Saikia

Photo Researcher

Décor Ideas
3 September 2018

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