5 simple ways to organise furniture in a small bedroom

Utilise the space in your small bedroom effectively with these five nifty tips on organising furniture

So, you’ve done as much as you can to salvage every free square inch in your bedroom, and yet it seems overbearing. Don’t stress – there are several ways in which you can avoid a cluttered scene. These five smart ways of organising your furniture will bring out your room’s full potential:

1.    Choose a bed proportional to your room size. Too big a bed will eat up bedroom space. Try to place it in the centre of the most
       visible wall, the one that faces you when you're standing in the doorway. You may opt for a sofa cum bed so there’s open space in
       the day

2.    Use the space under the bed to maximise. A double bed can accommodate storage of almost two full wardrobes. If planned well,
        you can accommodate a lot of daily use things underneath, which can be accessed through drawers for ease of use

3.    Use double duty furniture in your bedroom: small storage cabinets instead of a table, floating drawer instead of a shelf and
        nightstand with a wall mounted mirror that doubles as a dresser

4.    Install shallow wardrobes along the entire wall for a cosy feeling. Hooks on the shutters help accommodate more things so the
        shelves appear neat and spacious. Go for a finish in a light colour to make the room look open

5.    Magnify the room with floor to ceiling mirrors. These could also replace wardrobe shutters to create brighter room. Remember to
        keep the look minimal as mirrors will reflect everything that is in the room and may make the room seem more cluttered if furniture
        isn’t placed well


Written By: Jyotsna Kanal

Contributing Writer

Décor Ideas
25 April 2018

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