Shower cubicles or curtains: What works best?

Make an informed decision between shower curtains and shower cubicles when remodelling your bathroom

Shower curtains or shower cubicles – if you have a small bathroom, you’ve often debated on the merits or demerits of both. We break it down for you point by point so you can make an informed choice.

    Soften a space
Waterproof fabrics can temper the overall aesthetic of a bathroom and make it look softer and less clinical.

2)    Make a statement
Shower curtains can instantly infuse a blast of colour, print and personality with minimum effort and expense. These can be easily replaced when you want to change the look of your bathroom. Curtains with tie backs instantly make the space seem elegant.

3)    Easy to clean
It is inevitable that the curtains will get grimy and dirty over time. It is easy to take them down and give them a good wash at home itself.

4)    Don’t stop water spillage
These cannot prevent water spillage entirely. Water droplets on the curtains will trickle down to the floor in the absence of a ledge. The curtains may move if touched accidentally or from the pressure of water from the shower, and so the bathroom cannot be expected to remain completely dry post a shower.

    Keep it dry
There is no fear of water escaping a glass enclosure as they create a sort of waterproof area. Where there are space constraints, sliding doors can do the job as efficiently as hinged ones.

2)    Utilise tricky spaces
A tricky recessed corner or angular space can be utilised well for a shower area.  The glass panels can be customised to the shape and size preferred for a neat splash-proof solution.

3)    Make the space look bigger
In a compact bathroom, straight lines are key in making the are seem neat. So, shower cubicles make the bathroom appear visually larger.

4)    Allows light to filter in to the dry area
In cases where there is only one window in the bathroom and happens to be inside the wet area, a glass enclosure allows light to pass through and keeps the place well lit.

5)    Cost more
Shower cubicles are high on cost as compared to shower curtains. Also, it doesn’t offer any flexibility once installed. So, take into consideration your budget preferences and long-term plans.


Written By: Jyotsna Kanal

Contributing Writer

Décor Ideas
14 February 2018

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