How to use tiles to make a statement in your bathroom

Use these ideas to elevate your simple bathroom by using tiles in creative ways

Statement tiles can help create a focal point in any room. Apart from using them to cover an entire wall or a floor, tiles can be used as a design element as well. Plus, they are easy to maintain. There are several options you can choose from: Moroccan, brick or wood-like tiles, chevron or hexagon patterns and tiles with an industrial/concrete look.

1)    Pick a colour palette that best suits the overall interiors in your house. The statement tiles then need to fit in with the colour palette,
       whether contrasting or similar hues

2)    Make your shower enclosure standout with three sides covered in patterned or bright tiles. Alternately, the floor of the entire
        bathroom or just the wet area can be done with highlighter tiles

3)    Use highlighter tiles in the inside of alcoves or recesses to make them stand out

4)    The mirror can be styled with a border of beautiful mosaics or small, colourful handmade tiles running around it

5)    Tiles with Moroccan designs can induce a spa-like feel when combined with natural tones and textures. If you want a more modern
        feel, use monochrome geometric tiles or ones which create an optical illusion

6)    Another way of incorporating tiles in your bathroom is by using them as a basin backsplash. Team floral print tiles with plain ones for
        the complete effect

7)    If you’re not one for patterned tiles, layout plain tiles in diagonal or herringbone patterns and use different coloured grouting to
        really make them stand out

8)    Keep in mind how long you would want this look to last and choose colours and patterns accordingly. If you are one that gets bored
        too soon, go for tried and tested options like veined marble, etc. Making an informed decision is key


Written By: Jyotsna Kanal

Contributing Writer

Décor Ideas
25 April 2018

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