Dirty secrets: Laundry

Managing that heap of clothes at the end of each week can be daunting. So we have come up with a list of Dos and Don’ts to help you organise your laundry

It’s that time of the week again when you have to trudge towards your arch-enemy, who is also your best friend – the washing machine. Laundry is a tiring job but it doesn’t have to be. Proper planning, smart hacks and teamwork can help every family conquer their washing woes. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts.

1.    Store detergent in airtight containers, especially if you store them in the bathroom. Keep a measuring spoon inside the storage

2.    Although it’s advisable not to keep the washing machine inside the bath, we often don’t have much of a choice due to space
        constraints. In such cases, segregate the bath into wet and dry areas and make sure you keep the appliance in the dry area
        draped with a plastic covering that can be found in the market.

3.    If possible try to create a small enclosure inside the bathroom with double-louvered doors to place the washing machine. If you
        have a front-loading washing machine, consider placing it on slightly higher platform to avoid constant bending.

4.    Most hotels have a retractable clothes hanging line system in the bathroom. Opt for that option at home too. When not in use,
        it’s not a sore to the eyes!

5.    Store used clothes in multiple laundry bags to do away with the dreaded sorting procedure. Keep one for coloured clothes, one
        for white and one for unmentionables. And make it a rule to get stains out as soon as they are made – it’ll make the whole
        laundry procedure much simpler.

1.    Do not keep detergents within the reach of children. Always keep them on higher shelves or closed cabinets where kids cannot
        access them.

2.    Do not close the lid of the washing machine immediately after use. Leave it open for sometime to allow the moisture to
        evaporate. The dampness inside often leads to bad smelling machine and clothes.

3.    There is no rule that says the washing machine has to be placed in or near the bathroom. Most guests do not enter the host’s
        kitchen, so it would be a practical idea to keep the machine there, should space permit. The kitchen sink can double as water
        outlet and waste water drain. Plus, the bath is now chunky appliance free.

4.    Do not think all clothes have to be dried closer to the ceiling. If you are using the balcony to dry clothes, perhaps try hanging
        them lower so that it’s not visible from the outside. Yes, you won't be able to use the space for a few hours, but that’s a small
        sacrifice for a prettier home.

5.    Saving all the laundry for a Sunday is a bad idea. Space it out all week. We suggest get the family involved – every alternate day 
        a different member loads the machine.


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