Decluttering checklist: Bathroom

In our four part series on decluttering your home, we take a look at tips for the bathroom

The bathroom is a clutter magnet. Think about it- when was the last time you cleaned out your bathroom cabinet and got rid of expired products and used toothpaste tubes? If the answer to that question was ‘a long time ago’, then we suggest you read through our handy set of tips to follow on a regular basis to ensure that your bathroom looks tidy all week.

Weekly checklist
Put aside at least two days of the week to give your bathroom a complete clean up. At least one of those two days should be during the week so that the mess does not pile up for the weekend. Given the humidity levels in a bathroom, its important to dry out wet towels regularly, put soiled clothes in the laundry and keep all products like wet loofahs etc left to dry outside. Make sure that you regularly clear out old loofahs and used razors from the bathroom.  

Clear the freebie invasion
Most of us are guilty of emptying out hotel room bath supplies when we check out. Once a week, ensure that you clear out unused or set- to- expire bathroom products. Having a dustbin tucked discreetly away in the bathroom is helpful, because it ensures that you get rid of expired and used up products as and when you see them.

Make room for storage
Storage in the bathroom is key towards ensuring that all the things that you need during bath time are easily at hand. This includes your stock of bath soaps, detergent and toilet paper. Most guests judge the cleanliness of a home through the state of its bathroom. With these tips, we are hoping that won’t be too high a mountain to climb.


Written By: Bindu Nair


Décor Ideas
15 March 2017

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