Black and white bathroom ideas

Work the classic colour combination into your bathroom with some inspiration from our favourites

We’re all for bright splashes of colour in the house. Sometimes though, they can get a bit too much. While reds, yellows and oranges all make a strong case for the living room, bedroom and even kids’ rooms, there’s one place we’d like to escape from all their chaos – the bathroom.

The bathroom is where you can escape to after a tiring day at work or even when you just want some downtime. At these moments you don’t want bright colours jumping up at you. Why not give the good ol’ black and white combination a spin? There are endless permutations to this classic pairing and since the bathroom is an inherently personal space, you can have it any way you want!

Browse through our gallery below to see how to combine black and white in the bathroom


Written By: Tasneem Merchant


Décor Ideas
16 January 2018

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