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Living room and dining partition design ideas that will amaze you

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A beautiful partition design not only serves the purpose of separating spaces but can also act as a stunning design piece that effortlessly enhances your decor. Whether it is to put an interval between your living and dining sections or to simply help cover your corridor or laundry section, making sure it goes with your decor theme is the right way to pick a partition for your living room design

Be it bohemian, modern, contemporary or traditional, there sure is a partition design you could go for depending on the decor theme of your living area.

Here is a variety of partition design ideas for you to explore:

A transparent partition design like this one ensures uninterrupted experiences without making your living room look small. The consistent use of wood for various structures keeps this living room in sync despite the partition. Having your television inside the glass partition gives you an option to keep the dining area undisturbed if need be. What’s interesting is how the play of prints in the television section lightens it up while the dining area accommodates a bookshelf and brass pendant lamps, keeping it simple.

Transparent living room & dining partition design made with wood & glass - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, The Purple Backyard

Metal partition design in gold & dark wood for living & dining room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Stratosphere Studio, Photography by Arka

Some partition designs are just as good as an art installation in your living room. And using a metal material might just make it a statement piece like in the design above. Since the lights on either side of the partition controls the level of privacy it provides, the lamp also highlights the partition and the house plants next to it. It’s stunning how this space design not only includes gold and dark wood but a variety of hues, prints and materials like marble and velvet. As effortless as it may look, finely curating each piece is the key to bring the best out of this partition design.

A win-win for both large as well as small living rooms, a mirror partition design not only effectively separates the sections but also makes the living room look more spacious. The white dining set and partition makes the space look sleek and minimal, whereas, the brown and grey pieces add a little warmth without too much of a contrast. If you’re a minimalist, this living room design is just the one to take cues from.

While the partition design and dining set are plain and white, the floor and rug adds some texture to this space.

Mirror partition design for living & dining room with dining set - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, The Purple Backyard

Textured glass partition design to separate living & dining room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, reD

If complete transparency is not what you want between two spaces, using a textured glass partition is a great idea to achieve what you want without having it look like a wall. We love how a section of this partition design has a solid surface used to frame a painting. Not only does this add volume to this living room design but also draws one’s attention towards the partition’s intricate design.

Pro tip: If you want to use a lot of colour in your living room, making sure your partition’s hue is in sync with at least a couple of more elements in the space will make your living room look well-defined.

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Picking a partition design that is of the same colour as the wall it’s attached to is a good way of keeping it subtle. The structural partition looks like an extension of the wall even though it’s completely different from it. Not only does this allow you to play with vibrant hues when it comes to the furniture in your living room but it also shows that attention to details have been paid.

The best thing about this type of a partition design is how it doesn’t take away the space from you to make your living room look confined.

Living room & dining partition design ideas with an extension of the wall - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Space Race Architects

Bright blue vibrant partition design for living & dining room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, reD

A beautiful mix of wooden accent and grey overalls is enhanced by the bright blue partition that adds a pop of colour in the otherwise simple modern living area. Coupling it with a pink couch and colourful artwork, this space instantly becomes artistic and is sure to inspire you. If you’d rather not use wood in your living area, you could improvise using marble or metallic elements.

If monochrome is your go-to colour theme, you could very well use that colour palette in this partition design and yet have yourself a stunning living room.

A partition design like this is great for large spaces as it can be extended to elements around it. Like how the mental adorns the stairway as well as the upper section giving a gallery view inside the space. It also makes the space look bigger since the partition design is mostly transparent, allowing the light to flood your living room. The interesting thing about this type of a partition design is that you could pick just about any colour for its metal finishing, depending on the overall design of your space and yet be sure of ending up with a space you would adore. Go with grounded colours and you’ll have yourself a minimal space like this one. Use a bright colour instead of the grey structure and it instantaneously makes it contemporary and if you pick a print, your quirky space will keep inspiring you every day!

Matte & bold transparent partition design ideas for living & dining room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, PinkyWinky/ shutterstock.com

Wide wooden ground to ceiling partition design ideas for living & dining room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Space Race Architects

A wide wooden partition like this one not only effectively separates the spaces but also gives a little peek onto the other side which, in this living room design, is interesting because of the colourful canvas in the living area. Depending on the core colours of your living room and material that match the furniture, you can choose a design like this and improvise on the material as necessary. Such partition designs, instead of confining the spaces, actually makes them look more spacious. 

Last but not the least is a traditional folding partition design that allows you to add and remove or resize your partition as per your convenience. Not only is there room for experimenting with colours that would elevate your interior design but also the patterns you could pick depending on your decor theme. Geometrical, abstract or even striped, the possibilities are endless. The space shown above is a beautiful mixture of modern decor and subtle bohemian accents.

Traditional folding partition design with modern decor and subtle bohemian accents for living & dining room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, New Africa/ shutterstock.com

Which partition design do you like the most?

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