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Organise your cutlery cabinet

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Learn how to organise your cutlery cabinet at home

Organising your cutlery is one of those tasks that are high on our home to-do lists, but we can never seem to get around to it, in reality. That’s because most of us don’t know where to start. 

Here’s our checklist of tools that will help in organizing your cutlery in the kitchen cabinet in an efficient, organized way:

1.     Drawer Trays: Trays are available in all shapes, sizes and materials and are helpful in keeping your kitchen drawer organized. Plastic
        trays work better since wood and moisture don’t go well together.  Use trays with compartments to be able to separate cutlery by
        size and use.

2.    Inner mat for Drawers: Besides drawers, a roll of plastic available as a thin mat works very well to line your kitchen drawers. These
       are available at your local kitchenware store and can be cut according to the shape of your drawer.

3.    Containers: Besides keeping your cutlery in kitchen drawers, there are always pieces that you need on a daily basis which need to be
       in proximity to your kitchen work area. Consider old school aluminium containers and vintage jars with slots on the base (to allow
       water to drain out) as a chic way to store your cutlery.

4.    Kitchen Pegboard: A kitchen pegboard is a useful accessory in the kitchen to organise cutlery and utensils that you use everyday.
       Watch our DIY video on making a kitchen pegboard to organise your kitchen.

5.    Magnetic Strips:  For kitchen cutlery like knives, a magnetic strip fixed on the wall works well to organise them at a useful distance.
       Good kitchen karma is having everything you need right where you need it, and in an organised manner. With this checklist under
       your arm, your mother would be quite proud of your kitchen skills, we think.

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