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Mumbai home design in pastel theme

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Aditya Patel’s bright and airy home for one in the Juhu area of Mumbai has strong sentimental value for him and his parents. “My grandparents lived here since 1982 when the original building was constructed. After their passing, my uncle and aunt, who are very close to my heart, lived here for several years before it went under redevelopment in 2014. My childhood memories with the family, my cousins, are associated with this place,” says Aditya, about the 2,000 sq. ft. space. The 25-year-old is part of his family business and lives in Mumbai, while his parents, both doctors, are based in Gujarat. The home has been designed keeping in mind Aditya’s preferences, but his parents visit often, so they designed their own bedroom their way. 

But mainly, the Jardin Home stays true to its name (Jardin is French for garden) and allows members of the house to easily experience the nature around the space. The design has been defined by incorporating shades of blue and green inside the home through the use of plants, paint, fabrics, and prints. Large casement windows installed throughout the house bring in an enviable amount of natural light and provide great views of the greenery outside—a luxury view in a city like Mumbai.

From the start Aditya was clear he wanted a simple and minimally designed interior space. “I prefer wooden elements in the flooring, furniture, and fixtures and also clean lines and clutter-free spaces,” he says. And this became the guiding principle for the space that has been designed by Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera, Principal Designers and Co-Founders, Quirk Studio, Mumbai.

The Jardin Home interior design reflects Aditya’s desired contemporary style. The colour scheme of the home is a partnership of neutral and monochromatic palettes, while the material spectrum swings between metal, marble, and wood, and put together, there’s a sense of calm and well-being throughout. Colours such as whites, beiges, and greys have been incorporated throughout, with hints of blue and green through furniture and plants. The designers modified the layout of the home a little by converting it from a four bedroom to a three bedroom. Vaastu Shastra was another important guiding principal, which Aditya’s mother wanted to be integrated right from the planning stage. The entire façade of the home is paneled with mirrors and the designers added various smaller elements to make the home Vaastu compliant.

The combination of distinct elements such as coffee tables from Gulmohar Lane, and furniture crafted in metal, marble, and wood, creates an interplay of textures within the living room.

The parents’ bedroom is driven by the design brief of a welcoming feel. The panelling behind the bed offsets the white rattan furniture.

A nature-inspired design approach has been defined by incorporating shades of blue and green. The natural blend of neutral and monochromatic palettes exudes a sense of calmness and well-being within the home.

The home opens into a spacious living room and dining area. The designers retained the light marble floor in the living and open areas keeping in mind the pastel theme that runs through the home. An abstract rug in the living room is paired with a minimalistic grey sofa and the teal upholstered armchair adds a burst of colour to the muted decor. Furniture crafted in metal, marble, and wood, adds textures to the space. In the dining space even the floral art is kept muted, so that the striking aqua and gold chandelier becomes the focal point.

White rattan furniture has been used in the parent’s bedroom keeping in mind Aditya’s mother sensibilities. “We have also restored and upcycled a few old furniture pieces in the home, such as the guest bedroom furniture and the dining table and chairs,” says Disha. The cherry blossom wallpaper in grey and white in the guest room continues the nature-inspired theme.

For the most important space in the home, the master bedroom, the design pair have created a large bedroom with a sitting area, achieved by merging two rooms into one. “Considering that the room is occupied by Aditya, it was imperative to create a zone that resonates with a young working professional, crafting a more casual and relaxed environment,” says Shivani. The designers used wooden flooring in the bedroom and created a hidden walk-in closet, so the entire room is visually clutter-free and minimalistic. Aditya says his favourite space in the home now is his master bedroom. “I feel a sense of calm and well-being there,” he says. In a city like Mumbai a home that give rise to such feelings is certainly worth being sentimental about.


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