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Decorating ideas for a small 200 sqft bedroom


Design expert Kayzad Shroff, co-founder of space planning service Wall Up and ShroffLeon, gives easy tips on planning and decorating a small bedroom

We all want our bedroom to reflect “us”. From the colour on the walls to furniture placement and even the accessories, we want each aspect to be personalised in a way that screams us. And let’s face it, in doing so, we tend to go overboard. In a small space, this can mean the room can become cramped very quickly. Kayzad Shroff outlines the key things you should keep in mind when you’re going DIY small bedroom design:

1.       Space Planning

Space planning: Furniture layout
    If you have a long narrow bedroom, resembling a rectangle, place the furniture along the shorter side. This helps in balancing the
     skewed proportion and maximising efficiency
·    For a square shaped bedroom, don’t place the bed right opposite the door, so it’s not in plain sight as soon as you walk in. For better
     space utilisation, place the furniture on parallel walls
·    A room that is too narrow or too square will result in wasted space. The ratio of the sides in the room should be 1:1.6, which results in
     optimum usage of space. For example, if one side of your room is 10 ft, then for optimum use, the other side needs to be around 16ft
·    For smooth movement in and around the room, a minimum of 30 inches as passage area between furniture pieces is needed

Space planning: Furniture size
    The size of your bed will depend on the space you have in your room. Typically, for the small bedroom a queen-sized bed measuring
     60 inches x 80 inches is ideal
·    The size of your night stand should range between 18 to 24 inches. If you don’t have enough width, explore an option which has a
     narrow body but more depth

Space planning: Dos and don’ts

    1.    Place the bed in a way that it’s not the first thing you see when you walk in
    2.    The TV should be exactly in front of the bed and not to a side
    3.    Keep enough space for free movement around furniture

    1.    Don’t place your bed against a window
    2.    Don’t build your storage where it’s visible
    3.    Don’t crowd the bedroom with things you don’t need

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2.       Bedroom Styling

Bedroom styling: Colour schemes
·    Solid colours work best for a small space. However, if you want to use patterns, opt for a geometric print
·    Muted colours work well in a small space as they make the space seem more open
·    Don’t be scared to use different shades of the same colour to create a monotone in your bedroom
·    For the illusion of a larger space, think about having a single wall in a bright, bold colour. This helps create a prominent focal point in the room
·    If you want a warm, homely feeling, pastel colours will help

Bedroom styling: Furniture style, essentials and decorative pieces
·    To keep the space visually clean, use furniture that is simple and has less patterns. For synergy, these can be from the same family,
      such as geometric, but avoid using pieces from the same set
·    Curtains are not only functional but also add an interesting detail to an otherwise muted room
·    Bedside tables are another essential you should invest in as they lend warmth to the room
·    A few abstract decorative pieces will help add the final touches to the bedroom

Bedroom styling: Furnishings
    To bring a soft, dreamy glow to the bedroom, use sheer curtains. These also help in diffusing any harsh sunlight coming into the room
·    An important thing to keep in mind when choosing soft furnishings is to pick colours that are in tandem with the wall colours. Use
     muted or neutral colours to match or create a contrast

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