Modern Living Room Interior Design

Clutter-free, neutral-toned and with natural and organic materials are some of the defining characteristics of a modern living room. Functionality is equally important as the aesthetic in this kind of design.

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Exploring the Modern Living Room Design

A modern aesthetic is defined as a clean, simple space that keeps embellishments and ornamental décor to a minimum. A modern living room interior, therefore, follows these principles when it comes to design. Within this framework, designers create a living room that expresses the homeowners’ distinct tastes and preferences. As the most public room in a house, the living room sets the tone for the design and decor that is followed in the other areas of a house. Given its significance, it becomes imperative to get the design of the modern living room just right. This is achieved by working with furniture, furnishing and materials that fall in the modernist genre of design. There are a lot of common features between a modern aesthetic and the popular Scandinavian style of design that believed in ‘less is more’ way of doing things.

Essentials of Modern Drawing Room Design

●    A clean and clutter-free look is the driving factor of a modern drawing room.
●    Most homes, particularly apartments in large cities, opt for an open-plan living room. The layout is free-flowing. It also tends to be a
      combined space, with the living room flowing into the dining area or a kitchen.
●    Maintaining minimal ornamentation in the kind of decor and accessories is another important aspect of this style of living room interior design.
      Opting for functional pieces is a good idea.
●    A neutral colour palette is key to the modern drawing room, so whites, off-whites, beiges and other muted tones are popularly used.
●    Adding greenery ties in with the natural elements of a modern aesthetic, so house plants are also a common feature in a modern living room
      interior design.
●    Using high-quality materials and well-made furniture will ensure a luxurious modern living room.

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Essentials of a Small Modern Living Room Design

●    Less clutter, more function and minimal decor—the main features of a modern aesthetic—are ideally suited for a small living room space.
●    Since space is at a premium in a small modern living room, neutral colours become important in ensuring that the space does not look
       compact. Light colours give the illusion of space.
●    A small modern living room will benefit from the use of reflective surfaces and the placement of mirrors. They serve in making a space seem
       bigger than it is.
●    Ample natural light is integral to facilitating the aesthetic of a small modern living room.
●    Keeping accessories to a minimum is another essential element of such a space.


Modern Living Room Furniture and Colours 

●    Clean lines, easy geometries over curves and ornamentation and natural materials are things to keep in mind while choosing furniture that
      belongs to the modern style.
●    Modern living room furniture is functional and not at all heavy or bulky. While the design is an important part, the level of comfort and
      utilitarian value that a piece of furniture offers is more important.
●    Finding multifunctional pieces will also go well in a modern living room interior, especially in the case of a compact space. Open shelving
       units on walls or TV units attached to walls are also great in a modern living room.
●    When it comes to colours, neutrals are the way to go. Opt for pastels and muted shades, and colours that fall in the white spectrum. They
      help make the space look clean and uncluttered.
●    Accents of bright, vibrant hues in soft furnishings like cushion covers, is a good way to add a pop of colour in your indian living room.

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Modern Hall Interior Design FAQs

What is a modern living room style? OR What makes a living room modern?

Clean lines, minimum clutter, neutral colours and a comfortable vibe are the hallmarks of a modern living room. These spaces generally can be identified as having open layouts, such as a combined modern living and dining room, for example, muted colours on the walls and furniture that isn’t too bulky. Such a living room is never overcrowded or overly done up with accessories and objects.

Can I beautify my living room?

There is a tendency to go overboard with too many decor elements when the objective is to create a beautiful aesthetic for the living room. However, a luxurious modern living room has less to do with quantity. It is all about quality. So choose good-quality materials, including soft furnishings to upholster the furniture, like linen or cotton fabrics. Other ways to make the living room elegant is by arranging the furniture in interesting ways, adding artwork on the walls and even incorporating a bit of nature in the space. Indoor house plants that are easy to maintain can be a great way to add colour and bring the outdoors in. Try and bring in harmony with the patterns and colours selected. And make good use of a combination of decorative lights.

What should I put on my living room walls?

There are a lot of options when it comes to decorating modern living room walls. Since this interior style would require neutral colours on the walls, adding a bold and bright artwork is a great option. Consider creating a collage of small artworks or using only one big one. Another way to decorate and utilize wall space is by hanging interestingly designed shelving units. They add a sculptural element to the wall and liven up the space. Wall sconces are also a great functional addition to a wall. A very popular alternative is to create an accent wall—either by using a different colour paint on it, a beautiful wallpaper or anything else that will make it stand out.

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