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How to upgrade an old stool into a chic bar seat

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This makeover will help you repurpose a piece of furniture that’s on its last legs

How to upcycle an old stool into a chic bar seat

Maybe that stool is run down after years of use. Maybe you fell in love with it in a second-hand furniture market. Howsoever you came to it, sometimes pieces we love need help to become their best selves. A lick of paint, a soft cushion and some fun fabric are all you’ll require to pull this off—no special skills required—we promise.

●    Wooden stool
●    Plywood (6mm; cut as per the seat’s dimensions)
●    Foam (3-inch thickness)
●    Upholstery fabric (half metre)
●    Asian Paints Apcolite Premium Enamel Paint (any colour and white; half litre each)
●    Turpentine oil (100 ml)
●    Rubber adhesive
●    Staple gun
●    Paper cutter
●    Paintbrush
●    Pencil
●    Scissors

1.    Use the plywood base to trace an outline on the foam with a pencil.
2.    Cut the foam with a heavy-duty paper cutter as per the tracing.
3.    Spread the rubber adhesive evenly on the plywood base and paste the foam on top.
4.    Spread out the fabric with the wrong side facing you.
5.    Place the glued together foam-and-plywood piece on it, with the foam side on the fabric.
6.    Fold in the fabric from all sides and staple sections one by one.
7.    Cut off any extra fabric. Your seat is ready. Know why plywood is best material compared to mdf for your bar seat.

1.    Pick a colour—other than white—and paint the bottom one-third of the stool’s legs with enamel paint.
2.    The top one-third will be painted in the lightest shade; for this add white enamel paint (approximately 100 ml) to the main colour.
3.    Stir in 1 teaspoon of turpentine oil to ensure better blending and paint the top one-third section.
4.    For the middle, add some more of the main colour to the existing mixture.
5.    Paint the remaining one-third, bleeding into the top and bottom sections for a gradient effect.
6.    Let the base dry for 8 hours.

1.    Spread an even coat of the rubber adhesive on the stool’s top and place the upholstered seat on it.
2.    Add some weight to help seal the adhesive properly. Leave overnight.

Listed below are the stores from where we sourced some paint and fabric for this makeover job


Nidhi Tiwari


Prachi Damle

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