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An elegant wall finish that extends uninterrupted, from wall to floor

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If you are the kind of person who has an affinity for seamlessness and consistency, then the third and this exclusive finish from the Asian Paints Royale Play Material Finishes cache should be of particular interest. The wall-to-floor finishes curated by the brand is in step with global trends that may well (trend watchers are more inclined to a definitive ‘will’) catch on in India soon. 

These wall-to-floor finishes can be an innovative and high-end alternatives for contemporary spaces, given their sophisticated appearance and with the varieties in which they are available. These products impart a confidence to the spaces where they are used. If your tastes run to the more graphic, you can go for the handcrafted textured option; else, there is the flat finish to consider. You also get to choose from matte, glossy or satin wall-to-floor finishes.

Given that they are a great way to make spaces look large, these finishes are particularly useful when one considers modern bathrooms and their inevitable space limitations. Up till now, the only available option was relying on tiles to get that seamlessness. There are several downsides to that. One, it limits your options when scouring for wall-to-floor tile similarity. The 

The Royale Play Wall-to-Floor material finish is available in a textured or flat finish and lends a seamless look to spaces; it is great for bathrooms given its high durability and water- and stain- resistant properties. Image courtesy, Asian Paints

grouting in between tiles is the first thing in the bathroom to blacken and morph into mouldy ugliness, and that is not a problem with this seamless wall-to-floor finish.

The advantages of these material finishes goes beyond the cosmetic. The fact that they are extremely useful in high-traffic and rough-use zones is due to their superior durability. Scratch-resistant, unaffected by water and chemicals, these finishes are a go-to product for bathrooms, where all three eventualities are a given. Another benefit is that they can be applied on concrete or existing ceramic tiles too. So there is no labour or time spent in gutting your current tiles to use them.

But fair warning: much like the other natural finishes featured in the Royale Play oeuvre, this wall-to-floor finish too requires expert handling and application, in fact more so. Whatever the space where you choose to use these wall-to-floor products, one thing you can be assured of is the impact is going to be grand. 


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