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Our design process - how it works

Your home is all about you. From the first call, we try to understand you and your expectations from a living space. Our designers work with you on finding the right balance between aethetics and functionality, while our project manager ensures that budget, time and quality goals are met.


Understanding what you need

Our team will contact you to understand your kitchen requirement and preferences - functional and aesthetic


Let's co-create your future home

Our Expert Designers will work on designs for your kitchen personalised as per your taste and budget and show you the 3D inteiror design which will be replica of your space


Site execution

Sit back and relax while our  team executes your dream kitchen will all updates available at your figertips


Site handover

We hand over the keys to your dream space post completion -a successful collaboration

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Kitchen in Chennai
“Beautiful Homes Service team was very coperative and flexible even for minor design changes. I would recommend them to anyone for their interior works.”

Simple yet Elegant Kitchen Interiors

Kitchen in Hyderabad
“ Special Kudos to Beautiful Homes Service Execution Team for their timely updates, execution and remediation to challenges faced.”

Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Kitchen in Kolkata
“The design provided by designers was exceptional, something we never thought of or imagined. The execution was very good: design was turned into reality.”

Modular Kitchen Design

a modern and functional kithen
Kitchen in Mumbai
"We liked them because they listened carefully and understood what we were trying to accomplish, while being personable and genuine. They were sensitive to our need and were able to translate our ideas and budget into a realistic plan."

2BHK calm and composed home design in Mumbai

a modern and functional kitchen
Kitchen in Hyderabad
"The experience with Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Service has been wonderful. The delivery and service commitment level were really satisfactory. Any issues in execution were really well addressed and taken care of."

A serene 2BHK house interior design in Hyderabad

Kitchen in Hyderabad
"Right from design to handing over, we saw team work, commitment, and professionalism in all the staff. The management too was very responsive and responded to all our problems immediately. We highly recommend Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Service."

A captivating home in Hyderabad

Kitchen in Hyderabad
"Experience with Beautiful Homes Service has been extremely satisfactory, since the start of project. The team was really experienced and efficient to handle any kind of onsite challenges. The execution done is almost flawless."

A contemporary kitchen in Hyderabad

Kitchen in Delhi
"The designing process, to be honest, was a pretty surprise because the guys ended up spending a lot of time in the conceptualisation phase. I really like the way the house has come up!"

3BHK interior designing project in Delhi

FAQs about Modular Kitchen Design

Is a modular kitchen necessary?

It isn’t necessary for homeowners to choose a modular kitchen over a carpenter-made one. However, it is very convenient to opt for this than the traditional kitchen. A modular kitchen is very easy to customise and install. It is also rapidly gaining in popularity as the maintenance, convenience and comfort of using one is very high.

How do you make a small kitchen look modern?

Small spaces are big problems for people living in metros, who have to downsize their interior design kitchen for them to work well in compact spaces. This includes finding just the right kind of kitchen design that will make what is the busiest zone of a house comfortable, aesthetic and, above all, efficient. Kitchen interior design ideas that follow a modern aesthetic are typically best suited for small spaces: it’s clean, the colour palette is muted and embellishments are kept to a bare minimum. Executing a small kitchen design may seem like quite the challenge but it is easier than you think!


The first thing to tackle when it comes to kitchen interior design ideas is the colour scheme. White on the walls makes the space appear larger than it is. You can offset the white on the walls with other pale hues for the cabinetry if you want some variety. A backsplash of tiles is a great way to bring in some style without overwhelming the space, and you can get creative here if your walls are a neutral shade. Add in bright pops of colour through the cutlery and cookware you pick. Avoid darker colours on a larger scale will make the space look too cramped. Glossy finishes for countertops that help reflect the light are a good kitchen design idea to work into small kitchens.


A window is a must-have in kitchens; it lets in natural light, ensures good ventilation and brings in fresh air and makes the space look bigger. So keep your window free of any clutter. For a small kitchen design, a door can make the space look too cluttered, so opt for sliding or glass variants—sliding doors take up less space and glass makes the space look bigger.


When it comes to kitchen interior design ideas, storage is a top priority. In a small kitchen, open shelving units on the wall are a good way to open up the kitchen and free up the floor space. Build cabinets higher up on the ceiling to store the lesser-used kitchen tools and appliances. While it is a good idea to try and fit your smaller appliances—the grinder, hand-mixer, etc—inside the cabinet, you can display your nice-looking cookware in open or glass cabinets. They add an element of style to the overall kitchen design. When it comes to accessories and any furniture, don’t add things you won’t need. Finally, lighting is crucial in kitchens, so make sure your task lighting is strategically placed. You can even opt for pendant lights—they make for a stylish kitchen interior design idea. Add a plant to the windowsill to liven up the space.

Why do people prefer modular kitchens?

A modular kitchen design is a very practical and convenient choice for homeowners. In general, a readymade modular kitchen is highly customisable in terms of storage and finishes that it comes in. A branded modular kitchen from a reliable company will further ensure that the quality of the product is good. Such kitchens offer great storage capacity and cater to the requirements of homeowners. There are also affordable varieties that are budget-friendly, so be sure to look at the modular kitchen price list before selecting a brand and size.

Is a modular kitchen long lasting?

Anyone who is in charge of cooking and spends quite a bit of time in the kitchen would know the importance of having a space that is not only efficient but easy to maintain. A kitchen that can withstand the rough use it will inevitably have to face, from spills and stains to infestation of ants or termites is the kind that every homeowner will appreciate. Modular kitchen, to a large extent, is safeguarded against such problems. Generally, when kitchens are constructed, the material used for cabinets and other storage is wood. This makes them vulnerable to termites, which can be a hassle to deal with. When it comes to modular kitchen design, the materials and finishes are well chosen with the idea of making the space easy to maintain. Most modular kitchen makers are conscious about the quality of the materials they use, so if you choose to go with wood, then it is treated to resist boiling water and moisture of any sort. 


Other modular kitchen design elements that increase the longevity of the kitchen is using aluminium to line the doors of the storage cabinets. This serves as added protection from water and ensures they last longer. Modular kitchens are essentially meant for rough use to be able to handle stains and water spots. And in the event of damage, they can be a true blessing. You won’t have to resign yourself to the damage; you can just replace the module or individual unit that has been damaged. Modular kitchens ensure you get more out of the space and get more for your budget.

Can modular kitchen designs be customized?

We pride ourselves on providing you best in class personalized designs to fit your needs for Kitchen interiors. You can work together with our Customer Experience Specialist and the Kitchen Interior designer to create the kitchen designs of your house that fit your style, taste and needs.

Which is better a modular kitchen or a carpenter-made kitchen?

A space of high traffic, high function and continuous activity, kitchens should be spaces of comfort and efficiency. Whether opt to get your carpenter to design it or you shop around for reliable modular kitchen makers, the goal has to be a kitchen interior design that ensures you get the most out of the space.


A modular kitchen is machine-made and then manually assembled, which means that a good, reliable maker will create kitchens that are accurately designed in terms of fittings and cabinetry with a focus on quality. A carpenter has to build one from scratch and while that too can be skilfully made, it would depend entirely on the carpenter, which leaves some margin for error.


In a modular kitchen, individual ‘modules’ can be dismantled and reassembled while the carpenter-made kitchen interior design is usually an entire unit in itself, leaving no scope for disassembling any singular portion.


When it comes to carpenter-made kitchens, the default base material is often wood, which means it is more susceptible to damage by moisture, spillage and possible termite infestation. Modular kitchens, on the other hand, irrespective of material, are laminated, which increases durability and safeguards any wood used.


Finally, modular kitchens may be expensive but they last longer and come with a warranty period. So in case of any damage or repair work needed, you can get it done free of cost if it is covered in the warranty. (Check this with the modular kitchen maker you pick. It could be different for different brands.) Carpenter-made kitchens may be easy on the pocket, to begin with, but that too depends on the carpenter and his ability to offer a quality product. In case there is ever any damage or repair work needed, it would mean shelling out more money.