4 cushions we love

Take a look at our selection of four handpicked cushions for your home

A wise person once said, you can never have too many cushions. We agree with that school of thought and have put together a list of four cushions that we think you will love.

1.    Nur: This embroidered silk cushion from Nur home décor gets our vote. View here.

2.    Maison 15: For those who like a neutral palette, this crochette raffia cushion from Maison 15 is just what the décor doctor
        ordered. View here.

3.    Idam: This gorgeous screenprinted cushion from Idam is one of our favourites with its weave pattern and monochrome theme.
        View here.

4.    Sarita Handa: We love the colourful embroidered pattern on this Ankara cushion from Sarita Handa. View here.


Written By: Bindu Nair


BH Shop
2 February 2017


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