Design with a twist: Furniture with hidden storage space

A dining table with a built-in wine rack or a sofa with an arm chute, great-looking furniture with a lot of storage is just what we need

Are you in the habit of wearing the stoicism of a Spartan minimalist who hates clutter (big cities, after all, are famously tight on spaces you know)? But if your poker-faced exterior hides the heart of a hoarder, we have just three words for you—furniture with storage. 

We know what you’re thinking—been there, bought that. And if you live in big cities with small apartments, you probably have the go-to pieces—that big bed with spacious storage or that coffee table that hides great space within its proportions. Functional and so very convenient no?

Furniture purists, however, would solemnly swear that customers always look for quality over everything else, and we would tend to agree. But what if you hit the jackpot, and get some great-looking pieces while not compromising on your need for storage? Ritika Dhamija, co-founder and CEO of New Delhi-based brand Iqrup + Ritz, says: “There is a growing demand for smartly planned storage solutions for living rooms and bedrooms to maximise space.” Now, with Diwali rolling around, you deserve to have a blast shopping for just what you want. It could be a seriously cool-looking chair for the living room, which not only makes for a great seat on a lazy day but offers space for storage too (Gulmohar Lane has a sofa with an arm chute to store smaller things that will interest you).

With the season of celebration upon us, what could be more convenient than a smartly designed dining table that offers space for wine storage. If multipurpose furniture with great storage is up your alley then Iqrup + Ritz has a whole lot of those too, including side boards and shelving units that are entirely customisable.

Scroll through our list of pieces and decide which items should make it to your Diwali shopping list:

Written By: Gauri Kelkar

Contributing Writer

Styled/Produced By: Nidhi Tiwari


BH Shop
10 October 2019


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