8 graphic cushions for a colourful home

Add a dash of colour to your home with our picks of graphic and playful cushions

The easiest way to add colour to your interiors is by investing in throw pillows and cushions. This allows you to frequently update at a low cost, are simple to care for and you can add or subtract the number of cushions as per your will.

You can experiment with materials ranging from cotton and wool to silk and velvet to have a mix of textures as well. If you’re looking to induce a peppy feeling or creating a contrast in your space, then cushion covers with bright, graphic prints are just what you need. You can pile several of them on your sofa or place one or two on an armchair to create a focal point.

Take a look at our gallery below to pick your favourite graphic print cushion


Styled/Produced By: Shreya Bhimani


Assisted by: Madhurjya Saikia

Photo Researcher

BH Shop
15 February 2018


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