3 dining tables for a small space

These sleek dining tables are perfect for hearty meals in small spaces

Furnishing a small space is a challenge and very often, in trying to make the living area look grand, the dining space is given the short end of the stick. What if there was a way to reconcile the two? While an open plan living room can create a multifunctional space, it might not always be a feasible option.

So, why not just dedicate a simple corner for this purpose? A small, compact table surrounded by chairs or stools is all it takes to create a dining spot where the whole family can come together for their meals. Plus, you don’t need any grand embellishments either (Read our article on how to decorate a small dining space here). After all, a family that eats together stays together.


Styled/Produced By: Shreya Bhimani


Assisted by: Madhurjya Saikia

Photo Researcher

BH Shop
4 January 2018


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