10 products to make your house wedding-ready

If there is one thing the recent slew of weddings has taught us, it is that more is more when it comes to nuptials desi style. If you are hosting a wedding this season, here are ideas to style your home to radiate that rich feeling of love and celebration

The only silver lining to the festive season coming to an end is that the wedding season continues into a few more months. And this means that the celebrations can go on! Whether you are hosting a wedding or love the festive plushness of wedding decor, we have just the products you need to deck up your home. Use rich velvets in shades of red, embellishments by way of embroidery, tassels, zari and mirror work or just luxurious accessories to feel the spirit of the love and wedding festivities that this country is known for.

Styled/Produced By: Shreya Bhimani


BH Shop
2 January 2019

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