Yellow and grey decor inspiration

Give your festivities a chic, modern makeover with a combination of turmeric and silver

Come fall, and we love how the colours change to vibrant yellows. Pair that with festivities the season brings, and we are tempted to reach out to the little box of haldi. Just a pinch – it's so full of energy and synonymous with the start of many auspicious beginnings. Then, can you imagine what it can do to our homes, a big, hearty splash of it? After all, what celebration is complete without a generous helping of yellow marigolds? So, let's embrace this spirited colour and perhaps temper it with a little sparkling metallic grey to ring in the festive season.

A few tips on how you can use the yellow and grey combination in your home:

1.    A patterned wallpaper, with a hint of texture in this colour combination as a statement wall will do wonders to your living room

2.    Don’t be afraid to take the monotone route as well – yellow walls with grey ceramic and metallic (think unglazed for ceramic and
       steel for metal) accessories and vice versa will create an arresting colour blocked space

3.    Window alcoves that double up as a reading corner are an excellent space to use turmeric and grey in. The sunlight streaming in will
       further enhance the brightness of the yellow

4.    If you thought pink and blue were the only colours for a kid’s room, think again – turmeric and grey are great too! Think sunshine
       yellow walls and soft grey toys and linen

5.    Thick damask fabric in a turmeric hue with rich grey embroidery used as curtains and even upholstery will bring in a festive cheer to
       your interiors

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