Turn your bathroom into a tropical haven and unwind in comfort

A little pampering, some aromatherapy and a lot of quiet time—your bathroom can be a backdrop for perfect bliss

Given the rough and tumble of today’s world, of high-pressure jobs and never-ending workloads, you deserve a timeout—to take a breath and just be. The opportunity and time are something you’ll have to work out, but we know just the place where you can unwind, relax and indulge—your very own bathroom! Don’t believe us? You’d be surprised how versatile that functional space can be. In a fast-paced world of too much activity and even more stress, a bathroom that is equipped with the right amenities is that ultimate sanctuary for a weary body to revitalise itself and luxuriate in. Luckily for you, that tropical paradise is easy to achieve.

In fact, there cannot be a better time than right now to do up the bathroom. Add in a soothing scent, put in some botanical elements, bring in some pastel shades, and turn it into a cool, tranquil paradise. Follow this checklist of products, take a day for yourself, switch off from the world—and simply indulge.

Written By: Gauri Kelkar

Contributing Writer

Styled/Produced By: Nidhi Tiwari


Photography By: Pulkit Sehgal and Madhurjya Saikia


Produced By: Cut Loose Productions

BH Shop
23 May 2019


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