The Incredible Green (and 5 ways to decorate with it)

There are more ways to add a dash of green to your home than just plants. We show you how it’s done with this curation of accessories

As the monsoon season settles in for the long haul and the rains turn nature into a lush shade of green, it’s time to add in a bit of that colour to your home as well. While your houseplants will do their thing, of course, we recommend you go the extra mile and liberally incorporate some green with decor accessories, artefacts and objets d’art. Take a look at what’s on offer and choose one, or better yet, choose them all—they’re sure to make your neighbours green with envy!

Green malachite combines with white Makrana and black Bheslana marble pieces, all hand-cut by artisans in Agra using a traditional marble-inlay technique to create a contemporary piece.

Product: Marble inlay plates
Price: Rs 22,000 for each (excluding taxes)
Designer: Rooshad Shroff

A lampshade of green glass perches comfortably on a brass stand in the archetypal banker’s lamp, also known as the Emeralite. This re-creation of the old ‘Merchant English’ light used in 1930s and 40s British government offices is, ironically, now a stylish desk lamp, and is as coveted for its aesthetic appeal as the nostalgia it evokes.

Product: Reproduction of the Merchant English lamp
Price: Rs 2,800
Store: Essajees

Offer elegance on a (cheese) platter, in green marble and add a dash of subtle glam to the simple act of serving your guests at the next house party.

Products: Round cheese platter; rectangular cheese platter; cheese platter with handle
Price: Rs 1,850 (round cheese platter and cheese platter with handle); Rs 1,750 (rectangular cheese platter)
Store: Trésorie

These mineral-filled rocks or geodes bring in nostalgia (or millennia of the earth’s history), an aesthetic of cool and an element of mystical, healing energy to your home. On the left, the large geode is made of minerals—green apophyllite and green chalcedony with off-white stilbite; the smaller rocks on the right are made of the mineral amazonite.

Products: Geode artefacts; amazonite rocks
Price: Rs 10,000 (geode); Rs 300 each (rocks)
Store: Madu Joliet
Contact: Colaba Causeway, Opposite Colaba Police Station; 9890314418

The naturally green malachite stone in its all its rawness and indefinable form has become a go-to home accessory, even before it is sculpted into coherent shape—prized as it is for its calming, healing energy.

Product: Natural stone 
Price: Rs 19,000 to Rs 25,000 (varies according to size)
Store: Spacio

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