Shake things up with a bold print-on-print look

Iznik tiles, ikat weaves or bright florals – celebrate the clashing of prints in this fun trend for the upcoming season

It’s easy to love big, bold prints and bright colours but bringing together more than one in the same room is a risk - but worth taking. Fashion gave us the mixed print trend and we decided we would like to try it in our homes. The trick lies in paying attention to the finer details, finding a unifying thread and making some clever choices.

Check out some of our simplest tips to make the mixed print trend work for you:
Make a strong start – Instead of starting with a safe neutral backdrop, try picking a dominant theme or colour and starting there. In this look, we layered floral motifs across the room. While we chose to fill the wall, a corner table and cushions of different sizes, you can choose entirely different focal points depending on your space. Think ceiling to floor curtains, wall art or even a pretty side table Inspired by the tiles from Iznik in Turkey.

Build it up -  After you’ve decided on your theme or colour, extend the look into the room. Use linen, upholstery, a suspended contrast print lampshade or even fresh flowers (see the vibrant pink bouquet we arranged) to establish a cohesive look. Use smaller accents like a plain terracotta planter, carpet or throw to both punctuate and offset the strong patterns in the rest of the room. If your room features deeply pigmented pinks, yellows and navy blues, pick furniture with warm, vintage-styled finishes to complement and complete the space.

Overall, don’t be afraid try different arrangements or work with furniture and finishes until you’re satisfied that everything fits just right.

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Written By: Tanya Siqueira

Contributing Writer

Styled/Produced By: Shreya Bhimani


Photography By: Prachi Damle


BH Shop
1 March 2019

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