Metal and mirror décor ideas for a festive home

Get your home shining brighter than the stars with a mix of metal and mirrored accessories for Diwali

We have to admit, we love all things shiny, and come Diwali, it gets even more pronounced, somehow giving us a legit reason to obsess about sparkling details with brass lamps, fairy lights and polished brassware beaming where ever you look. We decided to give our Diwali decorations a modern spin. What better than metallic accessories offset by mirrored accents? The key is to strike balance with other materials such as wood and concrete to avoid an OTT look. Here’s how you can play around with this combination:

1.    The entryway is a sneak-peek of your home. Use this space to assemble a glittering vignette with a console table topped with a
       leather runner, faceted votive holders and shiny, metallic baubles

2.    Use a silver platter as a tray on your centre table and arrange diyas, steel show pieces and even bunch up fairy lights and place them
       here for an interesting display. The polished platter acts like a mirror, reflecting the elements kept on it

3.    The bathroom is another space where you can use a combination of metal and mirror, especially if you’re looking to glam the space
       up. We suggest opting for chrome polished bathroom fixtures

4.    Want to make a corner space seem more open and brighter? Place a mirror over a small side table and decorate with silver and steel
       accessories. These will help reflect light better

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