Make your entryway bright, functional and ready for the monsoon

Fun neon and easy-to-clean acrylic elements for your entrance décor

Sludge-streaked footwear, dripping umbrellas and rain-soaked jackets – homes are always a bit of a mess in the monsoon. What if we help you create a chic little buffer between the wet outdoors and your dry, cosy home? We’ve added some neon fairy dust to Marie Kondo’s magic to create a cheerful entryway. It is all about a few happy pops of colour, some creative organisation and planning - only keep rain-friendly gear by the door and put away anything that might lock in the moisture or get mouldy through the season.

No entryway? No problem. To hang jackets and umbrellas, add hooks or grungy metal pipes (like we have done) to the wall near your main entrance but be sure to catch the drip on an easy-clean tray. Choose acrylic for the seat and ensure a dedicated space for wet umbrellas and shoes - cleaning is easy with a textured rubber mat at the door and a holdall tray for flip-flops and boots. Pro tip - Keep a spare set of slip-ons and an umbrella for guests.

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Written By: Tanya Siqueira

Contributing Writer

Styled/Produced By: Nidhi Tiwari


Photographed By: Prachi Damle


BH Shop
18 July 2019


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