Icy blue décor inspiration

Use cooling tones of blue together to transform your space effortlessly 

What with “feeling the blues” the colour blue tends to get a bad rap, but we love the calming effect this hue has on us. Inspired by the cooling shade we created a minimalist and modern corner for the home, and here is how you can too:

1.    Pick different tones of the primary colour, icy blue, to add interest to the space as a whole

2.    Use geometrical patterns to make the look modern and fun

3.    Use a mix of materials and textures through accessories and accents such as a photo frame, vase, books etc.

4.    Avoid using heavy furniture pieces in the same colour. Keep the look minimalistic and easy with a lightweight metal chair and
       small accessories

5.    Instead of using a table lamp, create a contrast in the foreground with a ceiling lamp of a different shade of blue

6.    Everything in the space doesn’t have to be blue, you can use white or other neutrals to accessorise

7.    Perfect for an informal cozy nook in the home, this look can easily be replicated for different budgets


Styled/Produced By: Shreya Bhimani


Photography By: Binisha Ajmera


BH Shop
9 November 2018

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