Grey with a glimmer of sunshine

Why embracing grey and gold is the best thing you’ll do this season!

Grey - the half way marker between black and white - pulls together autumn-winter palettes across fashion and interior design. Trendy as it is now, drawing from winter landscapes, misty mornings, smoky waters, silvery snow speckled with tarmac - different cool grey tones make for easy inspiration. Scandinavian inspired monotones are all the rage, but how’s this for a radical suggestion - switch out the neutrals, pastels and silvers for colours with more warmth and depth like amber, mustard or gold for a cheerful companion to a chilly colour.

Here’s are some of our top tips on getting the look just right:

1.    50 shades and more - We say grey but what we mean could be charcoal, flint, graphite or pewter. Yes, grey can be both warm and cool, contemporary and vintage, soothing and powerful, just as easily. Both grey and gold give you a whole spectrum of shades and textures to use at will and there are infinite ways to create a specific vibe in any space. Play up the power by mixing light and dark shades of grey in the same room and adding both muted or bold elements like a solid gold foot stool to great effect.

2.    Balance is everything - Trying out something as sophisticated as grey and gold means it’s all about the finer points that will pull the look together. Keep things edgy and modern by adding a mix of contrasting elements like a rough cement block as a side table against a delicate, gold wire magazine basket that glows. Because grey is such a neutral playground, it automatically makes bronze, coppers and golds pop, and you get to achieve high-voltage glamour with minimal effort.

3.    Light and shadow - Current interior styles suggest you make the most of natural light. Put a light grey chair with bluish undertones near a large window, a metallic gold and grey wallpaper accent behind it and look for dusty gold faux fur, textured gold trimmed pillows or an understated gold rug to create a space that is bright yet warm and inviting.

Written By: Tanya Siqueira

Contributing Writer

Styled/Produced By: Nidhi Tiwari


Photography By: Prachi Damle


BH Shop
4 January 2019

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