Go all the way with a monochromatic look

Living with one colour is a pretty serious commitment. What would that look like? And what if you were committing to go green?

It’s the colour of nature, a symbol of wisdom, and in some cultures, it is closely associated with the spiritual. But what everyone can agree on about green is that it emanates a soothing vibe; that was enough reason for enterprising individuals to coin the term green room, a go-between space with typically (not always, mind you) green-painted walls where a performer could relax, change and just be, before the big appearance.

We found a way to get this green into your homes⁠—scroll till the end for our curation of the latest furniture, accessories and even fashion⁠—and combined it with a bit of advice that will help you navigate the single-colour world.

1.    Instead of painting the entire wall in one shade of green, using a geometric shape as a colour patch, in another shade, which runs
       along the skirting, will make the room look dynamic. What’s more, it will also make the space look bigger.

2.    Use different textures and materials to separate the various shades of green; this way, each shade retains its individual identity while
       remaining cohesive with the overall colour palette.

3.    The brighter hues should be used sparingly.

4.    Add an architectural element, as has been done in this space with a slatted screen; it serves to separate the bed area from the
       dressing area. The colour patches and the screen also contemporise the space, allowing it to be more than just a pretty-looking


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