For an indoor camping adventure

Prepare a snuggly, adventure filled hide-out for your little one by following these easy tips

Cold winter mornings and grey skies provide the perfect excuse to skip the daily routine and stay at home on the weekend. Take this opportunity to go an indoor camping adventure with your little one – all you need are some cushions and loads of imagination.

Prop a cotton fabric canopy against one corner and place a large play mat under it. Make sure you use soft colours and fun prints for a playful effect. Now gather as many cushions as you can and pile them in heaps inside the tiny alcove. We suggest getting them in all shapes and sizes – right from the stars and clouds to giraffes and elephants.

For finishing touches, drape it with fairy lights, buntings and strings of bulbs for a hint of that magical glow.

Styled/Produced By: Shreya Bhimani


Photography By: Prachi Damle


BH Shop
22 December 2017


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