Casual dining décor

Create a casual and cosy dining in your home with low seating, pastel colours, lots of cushions and fresh flowers

The first thing that gets compromised when it comes to a tight space is the dining. Which doesn't make us too happy because it means saying goodbye to cutesy breakfasts, long lunches and romantic dinners. So, we decided to find a midway that keeps the space crunchers and us, the dreamers, both happy. How? Simple – instead of the regular centre table, opt for a slightly oversized one that can double up as low dining. Throw in some plush cushions and you have an intimate dining setright there. Walls are the biggest canvas you have, so opt for a slightly darker colour palette to create a moody setting. If you’re not sure about going monotone, use a wall dado to separate two colours. Remember, we’re aiming for a casual look here, so nothing should look too arranged or perfect. Light those candles, place the fresh flowers and there – a cosy spot that can move effortlessly from breakfast and dinner to holding your TV remotes and magazines.

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