Beige bedrooms, the stuff of dreams

When you’re aiming for blissful not boring, try an updated beige look for your bedroom

At the end of the day, our bedroom is more than just a place where we sleep – it is a space to de-stress and unwind from the pressures of the day. That’s also probably why the calm serenity of neutrals will never go out of style. But how do you upgrade a classic look from feeling dated? Here are some ideas to get you started:

1.    Beige is the easiest way to add subtle warmth to a room. Start with tiny tweaks and build it up with individual pieces that play into the theme. Add a new dimension with a feature wall in a deeper shade of Desert, Beachwood, Mushroom or Tan against a lighter Ivory, Cream or Oyster in the rest of the room.

2.    If you’re big on the minimalist trend but haven’t taken to the whole grey and pastels scheme, beige is a great alternative. Try a large black and white knit throw to offset a neutral bed and pillows with patterns and prints to mix things up.

3.    Don’t be afraid to accessorise with glass and metal decorative elements like a rustic glass jar, fairy lights, framed pictures from your latest travels or even woody scented candles and some of your favourite books.

Like any great foundation, beige is a solid place to start out with what can easily turn into a more masculine or feminine space as per your needs. When done right it has a charming way of leaving you with a buttery finish that's hard not to melt into every evening.

Shop the elements we used to put this look together, below:


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