An India-Modern entryway for small apartments

Give your entryway an ethnic yet stylish makeover with traditional masks and folk-inspired accents

Don't have the luxury of an entryway leading to your living room? City living with its cubbyhole apartments often translates into tight living spaces. But that doesn't mean you have to lead your guests directly into your living room. Create a dummy hallway by treating one side of the wall to your door as an accent wall. Try and demarcate the spaces visually – use a bold wallpaper, preferably a monochrome to define the space. Place a sleek console against it or if you have an old study desk or small table you’ve out grown, that will work too. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t block a large section of the entry. Remember, you need make this area into a warm and inviting space. Something that reveals a little about you. Your entryway is like an Amuse Bouche. It needs to give a glimpse of what to expect. So do away with the cookie-cutter, hotel-style, all beige and mirror approach. Instead pull out those masks you bought at that fair you last went to, put out a few of your favourite books, and flowers. Fresh fragrant flowers not only lift the space but also work as natural scent diffuser. You can even weave a colourful bunting with pom poms for a dash of fun. Now, did we hear a bell ring? 

Styled/Produced By: Shreya Bhimani


Photography By: Prachi Damle


BH Shop
27 February 2018

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