A timeless, country inspired den

A classic combination and often a country style favourite, white and blue with a hint of gold is just perfect for an informal den

If chic is what you crave, then this very English, blue and white den with its striking Kelly Wearstler inspired trellis wallpaper is what you need. One of the easiest ways to establish this look is by opting for a wall dado. Pair printed wallpaper with a textured white, separated by a simple moulding for the backdrop. Then of course, you need a leather sofa. What’s a den without a leather sofa, we say? A smart, tailored and inviting couch is best clubbed with a leather chest with brass trimmings to complete the classic look. While you want it to be strikingly English, you definitely don’t have a stiff upper lip to go with it. Break the formality of the space with a whimsical piece, slightly large in size for a dramatic centrepiece on your table. Pull away those sheers and let the light wash in to reveal the plush yet informal den.

Styled/Produced By: Shreya Bhimani


Photography By: Prachi Damle


BH Shop
29 March 2018


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