A romantic living room corner

Give your small living room a romantic makeover this monsoon with a low seating, mood lighting and lilting melodies

We wouldn't be lying if we said we have a love-hate relationship with the monsoon. But this lounge-y, lush and romantic corner is what makes us love it a little more than we hate it. We can imagine our mornings here with hot cocoa, lazy afternoons with endless books or easy evenings with some of our favourite songs. What we dig the most is how easy it is to recreate this mood, and the best part is, you can overhaul it once the summer sets in. 

Start with a subtle backdrop. This sort of wallpaper will take your many moods and equivalent changes to decor rather easily. Work with roll able mattresses. Again, easy to overhaul once you are done. Remember, the key here is mood. Work with the monsoon palette, think soft greys and hints of blues. It’s all about comfort and cuddles, so don’t hold back on the pile of blush pink cushions (grey and pink is a timeless combo) and a warm throw. Pair this with sheers, it will help keep the daylight that's streaming in soft and moody. For artificial lighting, subtle is the key. And of course, fairy lights! No romantic setting can be complete without them – string them across the wall or bunch them up and place them in mason jars – whatever you do, make sure you use enough of them. And if you, like us, like a bit of retro-vintage, then go for an old-fashioned transistor to complete the look. Now, let the music play.

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