A modern, rustic dining room

Combine dark colours and wooden furniture to create an intimate, rustic dining room

Give your regular dining room a modern, rustic facelift. It’s really not that difficult, we promise. It’s just about setting the mood – relaxed, intimate and inviting. So build it up one element at a time. If you don’t have a separate dining area, you can create this setting against just a wall in your living room, too. First, differentiate the area with the help of a rug and a dark wallpaper. Nothing says rustic better than natural wood textures – so anchor the space with a wooden dining table and adequate chairs. Since it is in a small space, avoid cluttering up the table with too many elements. If at all you want to store things, consider building floating shelves. Sideboards and cupboards will only eat up the floor space you have. Once you’re done, light a few candles and votives and watch how the entire space comes to life.

Styled/Produced By: Shreya Bhimani


Photography By: Prachi Damle


BH Shop
27 April 2018


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