A modern, industrial living room

Metal and leather furniture and steampunk accessories come together for a modern living room with an industrial twist

In this day and age of fusion-everything, we want our interiors to be that way too. Just like our favourite cocktail which combines flavours of tangy and sweet, we like our interiors to be modern with a slightly industrial edge. We’re thinking deep colours, metal and of course textures. If you too are craving for a modern makeover for your living room, then get ready. Start with the colour you want on your walls, after all, this is important in setting the mood you want in your space. Opt for a wallpaper or paint in a solid colour and avoid prints. Remember the industrial look is all about textures and materials and less about patterns and prints. When it comes to furniture, think warm leather and cool metal to create a play of textures. Show your fun side with some eccentric steampunk inspired pieces. Now that you’re all set, grab that highball and relax!


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