A minimal living room

Create a minimal living room with mellow greys, warm woods and straight-lined furniture

If pared down essentials is your home decor style then minimal is perhaps the way to go. While it calls for scaling back, you don’t have to scale down. The key word is edit. While working with a neutral colour palette, it's easy to be lulled into a false sense of comfort only to realise the monotony much later. So, the best way to work the neutral palette is to introduce textures. Choose two or three colours and introduce them in different textures. Our favourite combination is mellow greys with warm browns. So, you can work with textured wallpaper and introduce browns through wood and leather. And don't forget to take things up a notch with some shiny accents; one or two brass or gold elements won’t hurt. After all, it’s the personal touch that makes any room come alive!

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