A decorative dining room for Diwali

Pair soft whites with shimmery silver to create a festive brunch setting for Diwali

We love nothing more than a quiet meal with family and friends gathered around, serving generous helpings of food and laughter. And with the Diwali season right around the corner, we thought of giving our dining room a quick and easy upgrade. If you’re also gearing up to play host, it's time to give your space an effortless makeover. First and foremost, we wanted our dining room to be a breather from the lush marigolds and fuchsias we have come to associate with Diwali. We wanted a lighter, more contemporary space that would adapt just as easily from breezy brunches to decadent dinners with a simple change in floral settings and candles. So, we zeroed in on soft whites, elegant silver, precious platinum and hints of icy blue. 

Like with most homes, festivity extends to the dining table too with coveted dinnerware with filigree patterns, silver platters and ceramics with detailing in platinum. When working with a monochrome setting, make sure to play with textures and heights. For example, pair beaten metal with polished silver, oxidised silver with bell metal. The same applies to flowers too – pair the wild gypsies with the dainty white roses, the stunning hydrangeas with the elegant chrysanthemum. Add a traditional touch with beetel nut flowers and fragrant mogras. For a hint of glam, switch out the regular wooden chair for an upholstered one in velvet. Lastly, light up candles in glass votives and you are set for a fabulously festive brunch.

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