A chic, modern balcony

A generous mix of bright whites and luscious greens will give your enclosed balcony a stylish makeover this season

We are all for summertime musings on the balcony but there's something about the monsoon that makes it even better. But we don't like gloomy. So white-on-white is our preferred scheme with generous helpings of green. A white brick wallpaper will not only reflect the light coming in from the tall French windows but will also add that bit of texture one needs while working with a monochromatic palette. If you, like us, have a bit of a problem taking care of plants, then opt for the next best option – faux plants and flowers. There are a whole bunch of them available, which look close to the real thing. Next, even though your balcony is covered, opt for weather-proof furniture and covers. A rattan finish will bring in the outdoorsy vibe while canvas cushions mean you don't ever have to worry about spilled drinks. Add in a throw, which will keep you nice and warm while you watch the clouds come rushing in. This dreamy balcony and some Jack Johnson playing in the background is all you need this season.

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