A chic, country-style living room

Bring home the laid-back, country-style vibe in your living room with a muted colour palette and rustic accessories

It’s all about creating that “home-at-last” feeling, and nothing quite spells homecoming like a chic, country-style aesthetic. The important rule to keep in mind here is being subtle – no sudden pops of colour or shiny, blingy accessories. The key lies in picking a soft colour palette full of light greys, off-whites and light browns. The best way to establish this is with muted wallpaper (we’re partial towards grey tones for our walls) and upholstery. Remember, you can create a play of textures with different materials such as wool, linen, cotton and suede. Cheat your way into this by using lots of cushions – pile them up for that extra cosy feeling. When it comes to picking furniture, the look demands pieces that have a rustic charm, and those with a distressed wood finish work best. Finally, as you reach for those fresh flowers, make sure you pick them in shades of light pink or white in keeping with the larger colour scheme.

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