A bold and colourful living room

Colourful can also be coordinated. Pick cues on how to create a bright and colourful living room with bold wallpaper and quirky accessories

As kids (alright, even as adults) our favourite dessert topping has to be rainbow sprinkles. What’s not to love about those delightfully multicoloured sugar bits? So, we thought to ourselves, why not introduce some rainbow coloured joy in our living rooms too? First and foremost, remember to not shy away from colour, so bring out that colourful, striped wallpaper to splash across your wall. Now, there are several ways of brightening up a space – through furniture, accessories or even both, if you’re the more the merrier kind. Cushion covers with multiple prints and patterns; a bright throw and even bold planters will come in handy to bring in that effect. But, our vote goes to eccentric table toppers and quirky accessories to really bring in that punch. Purples, yellows, reds – get them in all your favourite coloursto find your pot of gold (in this case, a spunky living room) at the end of the rainbow.

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