You need to know about this new brand that makes light-weight paper furniture

Bend your mind around to getting some Twisty, a range of foldable, portable, colourful furniture

Yes, paper furniture. And we’re not talking the kind that’s made with nimble-fingered origami finesse, but paper-made life-sized furniture. Something like this is bound to get reactions of two kinds—excitement at the ingeniousness of it all, or furrowed brows at the improbability of it. Chennai-based Rishab Bothra got to experience a bit of both when he introduced his brand Twisty at an expo back in 2016. “When people actually saw the way it worked, the level of engagement and interaction gave me a lot of confidence in the product,” says Bothra.

A business school graduate, Bothra wanted to become an e-commerce entrepreneur in 2013 but needed a niche product to sell. That was when he came across these foldable furniture pieces made by a French classmate from business school. “This kind of furniture had not been done before in India,” explains Bothra. These machine-made products use specially crafted paper and have a honeycomb, hexagonal structure, which allows for optimum use of material and minimal weight. However, a single stool can bear about 300 kg of weight. And it’s portable, which means you can fold it up and take it with you.

Currently imported from France, “we are now on the verge of producing it in-house because of cost efficiency,” says Bothra. He now also plans on introducing mini stools and other products like penholders and accessories.

 Stools, pouffes, sofas (six- and 12-seaters), benches (three-, six- and 12-seaters)

Collaterals: Faux leather cushions in different colours to be placed on the top

Price range: Rs 3,999 (stools) to Rs 59,999 (a 12-seater sofa)

Material: Specially crafted paper, and nothing else

Shelf life: One-and-a-half to two years depending on use

Maintenance: Try and use a cushion, at least on the top; while the material is water-repellent, it isn’t advisable to bring it in contact with moisture too often and for too long. When mopping, simple fold it and place it on a shelf.

Availability: and other online marketplaces; physical stores in Mumbai (AA Living, Josmo Studios, Maison Home); Bengaluru (The Purple Turtles, Sunshine Boulevard) and Goa (And So)

Written By: Gauri Kelkar

Contributing Writer

19 September 2019


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