Top ten with Ananya Birla

Ananya Birla tells us about the things that matter in her world

Singer, songwriter and founder of décor ecommerce portal Curocarte, Ananya Birla tells us about the top ten things in her life right now.

1.    The last holiday that left an impression on you?
Travelling to Rishikesh with my family was a life changing experience. The ambient secularism and serenity evoked very positive vibes.

2.    Your favourite corner/ space in your house?
My balcony!

3.    Is there an area in your home which you have kept aside or where you prefer practicing music in?
My room.

4.    Snapchat or Instagram Stories?
Instagram stories

5.    The last purchase that you made for your room?
Two cartoon paintings of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. It's super funky!

6.    The last city you visited on a holiday?

7.    Tell us about one piece of furniture in your home that has sentimental value for you?
There's this sofa where I lie down and play my Playstation. It’s my go-to to help me calm down during a stressful day.

8.    How would you describe your décor style?
Minimalistic in certain areas with touch colour.

9.    The one gadget you never leave home without?
My iPhone

10.    How do you unwind at home after a stressful work day?
Reading a book, playing with my Yorkshire Terrier - Skai, playing the Playstation. And yes of course, writing or composing music!


Written By: Bindu Nair


23 March 2017


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