MUJI drops anchor in New Delhi

The minimalist ‘non brand’ has launched its maiden Delhi store

Japanese ‘non brand’ MUJI launched its maiden store in New Delhi recently, after having dropped anchor in Mumbai and Bengaluru previously.

Launched in 1980 as a statement against growing consumerism, MUJI was positioned as the ‘non brand,’ shorn of unnecessary packaging and labels. The brand’s three founding principles guide its product catalogue to this day- selecting the most suitable raw material, scrutinizing production process and simplifying packaging.  The idea is to eliminate excess and emphasize the brand’s notion that simplicity is not just frugal or modest, but can actually be more appealing than luxury.

To introduce consumers to these brand principles, MUJI held two exhibitions at Delhi’s Select Citywalk mall atrium. The first one showcased an archive of posters created by two well known Japanese graphic designers - Ikko Tanaka and Kenya Hara.  Although, individually each is an advertisement, together, the posters serve as a statement on how MUJI has adhered to its founding principles to this day. The second exhibition displayed some of the brand’s iconic products. These include the Right Angle Sock, the Aroma Diffuser, the Beads Sofa and the LED Flashlight, among others.

We spotted some select home furniture pieces at the Delhi store, so those in the national capital have a new décor destination on their shopping map.


Written By: Bindu Nair


17 May 2017

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