Living with Pets: Part 2 - Cats

Having fur babies doesn’t have to mean disaster for your home décor

Keeping your house looking beautiful does take some work. And if you are the proud pet parent of a cat or two, that job can mean taking on more than you can chew. But we have some simple tips and tricks so that you can ensure your home looks as well-groomed as your cats!

Pet proof the house: Before bringing home a pet, it is crucial to safeguard against any possible accidents. Be sure to conduct regular checks throughout the house to look for any loose wires, gaps in the fencing or railings and of course, secure netting for all windows, balconies and ledges. Just like child-proofing a house, pet proofing means looking at every possible room through the eyes of that animal and imagining how it could get them into trouble:

·    Cats can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps, so double check to see if there are
     any escape-routes to prevent your cat from getting stuck in the ac vent or the
     exhaust ducts.

·    A chandelier too close to a bookshelf is perfect for swinging from after launching
     off the shelf. Place it in the middle of the ceiling instead.

·    A vase on top of a narrow sideboard is begging to be tipped over so place it on the floor instead for a style statement that is also low

·    That marble bust of Mozart on the mantelpiece will probably follow suit so secure it with double-sided tape on the bottom.

·    Don’t put tassels on curtain holders or they will get destroyed as they are very tempting playthings for cats.

Save your furniture:
Lint rollers are your best friends. so keep one in every room especially near the front door for a quick rub down over your clothes before you leave the house. And here is how you can look after your furniture just as well too:

·    Place cardboard scratchpads in a prominent place so the cats sharpen their nails on those instead of your expensive rattan sofa.

·    Wrap coconut coir or jute rope around table legs to prevent the cats from turning them into scratching posts.

·    Cats love to sink comfortably into their spots just like we do, so give them a dedicated pet bed or a low-rimmed basket lined with
      your softest t-shirt or baby blanket. This way they are more likely to stay off your furniture and chill on their own.

·    Use pretty slipcovers for all chairs so that you can simply whip them off when guests are expected to have fur-free seating in a jiffy.

Easy clean the floors:
·    It is highly recommended that you get Marbonite or marble tiles or even linoleum for your floor if you have pets.  Keeping the floors
     bare means that they are easier to clean up when the pets have an accident or spill. 

·    Carpeting tends to get stained or scratched and traps fur. Rugs in certain areas are more convenient as they are easier to maintain.
     Be sure to vacuum them and other soft furnishings regularly to avoid a build-up of fur and dust.

·    Cats will throw up every now and then - clean the mess immediately to avoid permanent stains.

Accident Hacks:
·    Always have wipes handy and a mop hidden nearby to take care of a mess immediately.

·    Mild disinfectants that are pet-safe should be added to the mopping water once a week. Avoid strong chemical solutions as they can
     harm your pet in the long run - cats lick their paws while grooming and ingest the residue of chemicals from your floor cleaners.

·    If something does break, sweep up the shards immediately and then wipe down the area with a damp newspaper to catch any
     lingering splinters.

Written By: Simona Terron

Contributing Writer

29 August 2019

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