In the studio of Safomasi

Fans of minimally designed interior spaces can herd themselves in droves to Safomasi’s understated yet chic Chirag Delhi studio

Safomasi’s studio space in Delhi gives us tremendous office space envy. All-white walls, industrial-style fitted shelves, lots of beautifully printed fabrics, low hanging lights- what’s not to love? Founders Sarah Fotheringham and Maninder Singh settled on this space in Delhi’s Chirag Delhi area, after falling in love with the large windows and the view overlooking a park.  The space used to house a worn out leather factory previously.

When they first saw the space, they realized the amount of work they would need to do, but they also realized the potential of the space with its large windows and tree-lined views. Their team built a wall to divide the workspace- with the office and showroom in the front side and the workshop and stock room towards the back. They felt the need to add windows to the walls, to make these two spaces feel connected to each other. Floor to ceiling shelves were fitted into the wall to store all their inventory. Adding their collection of personal art prints and knick knacks , and of course some potted plants gave the studio a personal touch. With a space like this, who says Monday mornings have to be monotonous? 


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