In the studio of Limón

The furniture brand's studio space serves as a showcase for their chair collection

Aradhana Anand left behind her job as an oil freight trader to explore a career in interiors a few years back. She started Limón, a furniture brand that has focussed its attention on the humble chair.

The brand’s studio space in New Delhi, therefore, is an ode to the chair. It features spotlight corners featuring Limón’s  elegant chairs in a studio space filled with natural light and stunning views of forest lined gardens. Aradhana styled the studio herself.

 “I wanted a space with lots of natural light and with an aesthetic of the outside coming in. The space gets a lot of natural light and is flanked by two large parks, hence all you see from the large studio windows is the green outside,” says Aradhana. 

She wanted to steer clear of the white wall trend. “I used aqua/teal for the walls. Although I chose a darker teal for the walls, it dried into a lighter aqua. I have also used elements of grey, light wood and copper/brass to compliment the teal, as the primary colours of the studio. The chairs are very colourful and lend a story of their own,” she explains. 

The space functions as a studio and as a place where customers can come and view the products or place an order. It serves as a way for customers to understand how to style Limón chairs in their own homes. We could imagine spending hours in this studio, and never wanting to leave.


Written By: Bindu Nair


2 December 2016

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