In the studio of Google, London

A look into the quirky and fun-filled interiors of Google's office in London

We have always championed the cause of a creative workplace. Hence the constant, almost-territorial-kind-of-defence against anything that threatens to pigeonhole us inside stereotypical workspaces. And that’s why when we look at Google’s super HQ at Central Saint Giles, London, to us – it is simply workspace redefined. The 1,60,000 sq ft HQ covers an amazing variation of floors including the main reception, a Lala library, gymnasium, cafés and restaurants, a town hall and many other trinkets, all with far reaching panoramic views of London’s skyscape.

Here, whimsical meets wizardry, Disney meets design, and passion meets play. Lee Penson founder of PENSON, that designed this workspace says, “It’s all about human beings and that’s it! Think sunken snugs, comfort, fun, comfy slippers, squishy carpets, cushions, daybeds, nice fresh food, gardening, vegetables, health, visual stimulation, relaxation, exercise, fresh air and you’ll get what it’s all about as HQ.”

There are a bunch of inventions too, like the Secret Gardens, Allotments, Google Green, Google Park and Granny’s Flat. A few metres into the lobby, you realise that you are in a surreal workspace and not the usual office block. Visual fun, and unique un-themed concepts dominate the interiors. Granny’s flat for one - is furnished with chintz-y finishes complete with rocking chairs and cosy vintage furnishings so it really feels as if you are sitting around at your granny’s with a cup of tea, instead of being in your usual white meeting room. And you can even indulge in a bit of workplace bonding over growing root vegetables and herbs – how is that for aiding internal collaboration? Fabulous, we think.


Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

6 March 2017

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