In the studio of Enormous

Inspiration can be found in every nook of this office space designed by Delhi-based Moon Agarwal of Inner I Design

While some of the best design agencies work out of strictly functional offices – cubicles, workstations, tackboards, et al, there are some who have the desire and privilege to spend their workdays in well-designed, stimulating spaces. The folks at Enormous, an advertising agency in Mumbai, certainly belong to the latter.

With unending white walls interrupted with large windows, the first thing that strikes you about this space is how bright it is. Awash with natural light, it already has a good deal going for it. Also responsible for their Delhi office, Moon was given a freehand to work on the interiors. With a background in advertising herself, she was quite well versed with the workings and trappings of an ad agency. So what you see is a creative and calculated response to it.

While long copy may be out of favour with the ad fraternity, words play a big part here in the interiors of the studio. Vinyl lettering with the dictionary definition of the word “enormous”, extends through one length of the wall. Inspirational quotes dot the remaining few. The space is modern, almost English, with powder blue, warm woods and minimal lines dictating the design scheme. Unlike office spaces we are used to seeing, this has a home-like vibe to it, with sink-in, fabric-finished sofas, eclectic mix of frames on the walls, quirky cushions, and a dhurrie, even.

Our most favourite part, and Moon’s is the terrace. An illustrated, blackboard-style wall dominates the pantry, while bright red bar stools ask for attention. Then there’s built-in seating with super comfy cushions in shades of grey that can give any sit out a run for its money. And did we mention the skylight? If ever we turned into workaholics, a space like this would possibly be the reason for it.


Written By: Pragnya Rao

Contributing Writer

9 January 2017

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